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                                                                                     Updated September 16, 2002          

Today I updated with new 3 tile backless paintings and new rugs and new paintings cloned from the guinea pig painting so your Sims will get well if they have the dreaded guinea pig illness.

Welcome to my sim site for walls,floors,rugs,paintings, and I am now starting furniture  too. I hope you enjoy your visit here  and I hope  that you find some thing that you like for your Sims. I have Sims Vacation, so some of my objects may not work in your game. I apologize in advance if they crash your game or don't show up correctly, But this is something I can not avoid. Big thanks go out to Deb for my banner and for Michelle of Carouselofdesign and Beth of Hannibal Beth's Sims for all your help in making this possible.                       

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